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Loučná nad Desnou

Jeseníky protected landscape area

The beautiful location of the protected landscape area of Jeseníky offers unusual experiences, entertainment, attractions and active rest that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

In Loučná nad Desnou and its surroundings you will find a lot of interesting places and activities, whether you want to enjoy proper slopes and skiing, you love mountain hiking and cycling or, on the contrary, you come for peace and relaxation or culture and history.


If you’re an avid enthusiast of active holidays, prepare to be delighted! Loučná nad Desnou offers a plethora of exciting opportunities, including numerous cycling routes, captivating hiking trails, and a wide range of sporting activities.

  • The Dlouhé stráně
  • Hydroelectric Power Station
  • Lookout tower at the Grouse Hut Mountain
  • minicars Kareš Bikepark
  • Rock formation Kamenné Oko
  • Many hiking trails – the Rysí skála Nature Trail, Borový vodopád, Praděd


Experience the enchanting allure of winter holidays in the Jeseníky Mountains, where the unique natural beauty adds to the charm. Located near Loučná nad Desnou, you’ll discover a plethora of ski resorts, exhilarating bobsledding spots, and picturesque cross-country skiing trails.

  • Ski Resort Kouty
  • Ski Resort Přemyslov
  • Ski Centre OAZA
  • Ski Resort Červenohorské sedlo
  • Snowmobiles
  • Terrain quads
  • Cross-country skiing trails
  • Snowpark


Experience true relaxation or immerse yourself in the rich history and culture that the enchanting surroundings of Loučná nad Desnou have to offer.

  • Thermal Spa Velké Losiny
  • Forest sauna at Mustang Ranch Spa
  • Jeseník Resort Sobotín


Discover a realm of unique experiences, entertainment, captivating attractions, and invigorating relaxation through a diverse range of activities in and around Loučná nad Desnou, guaranteed to delight both children and adults alike.

  • Chateau and park in Loučná
  • Chateau and park in Velké Losiny
  • Chateau Sobotín u Šumperka
  • Handmade paper mill Velké Losiny
  • Pralinkárna Velké Losiny
  • Fairytale Forest above Desná